“Creating Your Own World” Sessions and Other Panels at Life, the Universe, and Everything 2017 (LTUE)

This year, many of my LTUE 2017 panels are on the Creating Your Own World track, with others in the Books and Writing tracks. I can’t wait!


If you’re not familiar with Life, the Universe, and Everything conference, here’s a bit more detail plus some other interesting tidbits you might find useful.

unwyrded-full-front-cover-lThis conference is a great opportunity to meet with authors, filmmakers, artists, gaming professionals, and other speculative fiction creatives.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium (LTUE) 2017

If you’d like a free copy of my book Unwyrded (first book in series), please check out my sign up form at CindyGrigg.com for your download.

I’m participating on the following panels:

  • Thur  5:00 PM Books   Panel   In the Beginning: Kidlit, SF and Fantasy
  • Thur  9:00 AM CYOW    Panel   Spycraft! Sneaking where no one has snuck before
  • Fri   4:00 PM CYOW    Panel   Scarcity and Innovation
  • Sat   9:00 AM Books   Panel   Local and Loving It
  • Sat   12:00 PM Writing      Panel   Writing Steampunk: It’s More Than a Checklist
  • Sat   5:00 PM CYOW    Panel   Rebellion! Engineering a Coup

The Productive Authors Guide to Dictation Front Cover E 2This conference is an awesome way to refocus on what matters and streamline best practices for this overwhelming thing called writing fiction!

And I mean, check out the lineup: LTUE Guests.

If you’re a writer who can’t make it, here’s my single best writing tip: Learn to Dictate! Check out my book about how I learned this skill.

Yes, dictation presents a learning curve. But it also has so many benefits, that any time invested pays off.

It’s a drafting tool that can be a serious game changer for fiction or non-fiction writers, though I use it mostly for fiction.


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