Urban Writing Walkabout: Ogden’s Historic 25th Street (Dictate Instead of Typing or Handwriting!)


When it comes to dictating my fiction, I definitely prefer being on a trail, but in a pinch, I’ll go more urban. This week’s Writing Walkabout took me to a revitalized historic district in Ogden, Utah–25th street.

With some non-fiction client travel coming up, I’m not sure how much access I’ll have to trails, so I’ve been practicing the art of urban dictation. I will probably focus on parks, but I’d like to explore the cities I’ll be in as well–all while finishing up my first draft of book three in my Peacock Lavine series (Norse, Regency-era steampunk!.

As I’ve tried several tactics out, the clear winner is historical districts.

Not only is the scenery just cooler, but people move a bit slower, and traffic is often not as loud. Cars tend to be circling for parking, not rushing by you, and the huge truck thing is minimized. Plus, historic districts like this tend to have cool plaques and such to tell you about local history. Super inspiring, even if you’re not writing alternate history, as I am!

You can dictate even in louder environments, but the more you can reduce those kinds of things, the better.

Even out on the trail, you’ll learn which areas to just take a break in–there’s a certain river I walk by where nothing turns out, but then, other rivers haven’t been a problem, for example. You get the idea. It’s a game of trial and error.

But definitely seek out some of these historical districts, rather than downtown during rush hour. Happy dictating!


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