Writing and Your Health

This year’s Comic Con FanX was of course fabulous so I wanted to give a quick recap of my panels, which included a Writing and Your Health panel, followed by a dozen of my favorite costume pics.

I love panels as an opportunity to talk about my fiction and non-fiction work, and a way to meet others who are writing or creating speculative fiction in various mediums.

IMG_0261 (2)

The Writing and Your Health panel covered a lot of fascinating aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health for people who are creating stuff.

I loved hearing about how other panelists utilize principles of martial arts, meditation, and many other tools. It was also so interesting to hear about how creativity depletes dopamine, which is why it can be so stinking exhausting!


So if you feel like writing your novel is like slogging through a bog (even though you love it!), maybe there’s a bonified reason. I’m excited to look more into how to use that information to continue to improve my writing productivity.

I talked a dictation, which helps writers be less sedentary. By recording what you say into a mobile recorder or dictation app, you can have Dragon transcribe what you say into text–and it’s all while freeing yourself from your desk!

This is something you can try right away if you have an iOS device, for example. Just open the Notes app, select the microphone at the bottom, and give it a try. Your dictation choices get a bit more complex than this, but that’s the basic idea.

And lastly, here are some of my favorite costumes! I can’t believe the effort people put in. So cool.














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