The Productive Author App of the Week: iWriter Pro

iWriter is an app for Mac and iOS with a few interesting spins on the simple text editor approach to writing and drafting.

Created by iA, iWriter offers a quick way to highlight all instances of a certain part of speech, which can be a great way to amp up less-effective verbs or cut way back on adverbs, for example.


Sentence Syntax Control can also fade all but the current sentence, which is an interesting touch.


The Mac version of this app allows you to upload or export to Microsoft Word format and more.


You can also opt for Night Mode and take advantage of metrics such as Reading Time, sentence count, word count, and character count.

Since iWriter comes in several versions for various Apple devices, as well as more premium Pro versions, you may find it useful to sync your iWriter Pro work to iCloud, making it easier to access your files on any of your devices.

Check out iWriter for Mac ($9.99 USD), iWriter for iPad ($4.99 USD), or iWriter for iPhone ($4.99 USD).

Or, get iWriter Pro for Mac ($19.99 USD) or iWriter Pro for iOS ($9.99 USD).

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