The Productive Author App of the Week: Writer’s Studio

This week’s app of the week is Writer’s Studio by miSoft Studios.

This fun tool allows writers and authors to create personal interactive stories on an iOS mobile device by adding animation, music, narration, and other visual elements.

Writer's Studio Screenshot Courtesy of miSoft Studios

Writer’s Studio Screenshot Courtesy of miSoft Studios

While you cannot use this to create rich media stories for sale, but you can use this to generate ideas or even create a rough draft. You can post your creations to YouTube, Cineverse, iBooks, your device’s photo roll, or save the file as .mov or .pdf extensions. This app also includes text to speech capabilities.

This could be a dynamic way to share your vision with others you may be collaborating with. Use this app for presentations or create a gift for someone. Lots of applications!

You can download Writer’s Studio from iTunes for about $4.99 USD.

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