The Productive Author App of the Week: Ulysses for Mac

The Ulysses App for Mac desktop is a text editor and writing tool for many kinds of writers, from students to fiction authors. Created by a group called The Soulmen GbR, this app is currently listed as the Ulysses III…and it is cool!


To create with this tool, a writer simply types content in the editor interface. These excerpts are then automatically saved in versions as well as to a library. This allows you to then create documents from them in a variety of formats: ePubs for iBooks, PDF, Word, RTF, TXT, and HTML, for example.


Features include many you are used to in your current word processor.

  • Dark, light, or paged writing modes
  • Customizable theme colors
  • Typewriter scrolling
  • Navigational bookmarks and simple markup for headlines, quotes, lists, and more
  • Insert images, videos, links, annotations and footnotes
  • Reference tools: spell check, grammar check, autocorrect, dictionary
  • Dictation & speech support
  • Writing goals and statistics for tracking your progress
  • Share files to Dropbox


Ulysses is also integrated with iCloud, which means you can get to your text files from any Mac with an internet connection.

You may also be interested in how bestselling author David Hewson describes the user experience. Follow this same link to download a free 30-day trial.

Ulysses is available in the Mac App Store.

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