The Productive Author App of the Week: Ommwriter

For those wanting a more immersive experience than the typical word processor supplies, take a look at a fresh interface: Ommwriter. The official name of this tool is the Ommwriter Dāna (Dāna being a Sanskrit and Pali word with a timely meaning for celebrators of Thanksgiving: ‘Giving’).

This app has interesting beginnings, as it was originally an internal tool for a creative agency in Barcelona, Herraiz Soto & Co. From there, Ommwriter has been released as an app for Mac, iPad, and PC.

Ommwriter puts creative design elements front and center, specifically background music and creative visual elements, right down to the horizontal cursor and various keystroke sounds.

This is not only about aesthetics but maximizing productivity and concentration as well. The site’s Frequently Meditated Questions reads, “In addition, we have worked closely together with a Color therapy expert to help us include two new visual chromatherapy backgrounds…”and describes such accouterments as color change sequences and even subliminal inspirational messages each time you use the program.

As for price, here’s the company’s statement from their website:

“They tell us that software pricing is a science. We, instead, decided
to follow our gut. OmmWriter Dana II has no set price.
We let you decide, based on what you got out of OmmWriter.”

You then fill out a short form with your proposed amount, though the company suggests a minimum of $4.11 (average of $7.33). You can also try it or view it in action.

Ommwriter allows users to save as .pdf, .omm ,or .txt files.

If you do go with Ommwriter, please post and tell us what you think of the experience.

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