The Productive Author Writing App of the Week: Spice Mobile

iPhone Screenshot 2

Spice Mobile on iOS

If only Hemingway or Wharton could be there, prompting you with how to finish that sentence you’re stuck on.

That’s where The Productive Author Writing App of the Week comes in: Spice Mobile for iOS and Spice Mobile for Android generates suggestions for you based on its database of literature.

Think of it as a “phrase thesaurus” with thousands of keywords. You can even add to the database by selling phrases to or give this app as a gift subscription to a writer in your life.

Other interesting features include a phrase usage timeline and popularity metrics, so you can see  trends on a Cumulative Usage Graph and an interactive timeline.

Spice Mobile - screenshot

Spice Mobile Interactive Timeline

A paid subscription of about $7 USD a year is required even though these apps may show under free in the mobile apps stores, but good news, right now your first month may be half off on your device. A professional version is also available for about $20 per year.

Courtesy of The Writer’s Muse, LLC

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