Google Apps is a Free Software Option with Add-ons for Writers

Writers are typically looking for ways to reduce costs. Here’s one such way.

A popular alternative to Microsoft Office is Google Apps, a free online suite which includes a word processor (Google Docs), a spreadsheet program (Google Sheets), a presentation program (Google Slides), and more.

While Google Apps can be used offline and synced back to your account when your internet connection is restored, it is mostly used online, in your browser.

Here’s what the Google Docs interface looks like:

Google Docs Screenshot HulduSnoops

Google Apps offers the added functionality of real-time synchronous editing–meaning you can edit the same document as someone else at the same time. Each collaborator’s changes and comments are color coded.

You can also apply optional add-ons to the core tools Google Apps comes with. So check out a list I’ve gathered as the Office Software Expert for Google Apps Add-ons for Writers and Communicators.

Happy writing!

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