Comic Con FanX 2014. . .Costumes and Recap!

As a panelist for this past weekend’s Comic Con FanX 2014, I had a bird’s-eye view of some amazing trends in speculative fiction.

Perched up there among other fabulous authors, filmmakers, and comic artists, I tried to add a relevant chirp or two, which I will be blogging about topically in case you missed attending the con.


I loved the questions and comments from awesome audience members. It was so fun to make new friends and find out about interesting projects!

With everyone so focused on similar interests, I was energized just by being there. Even now, on Monday morning, I feel a residual energy and perspective about writing in this industry. That is what is so cool about these conferences! I left the Con feeling exhausted as introverts do in these situations but that is no indication of how much I enjoyed it.

Today, I just want to revel in some of my favorite costumes. Enjoy!








…and these were with my more lousy camera, sorry to not do these justice! But awesome costumes!





One thought on “Comic Con FanX 2014. . .Costumes and Recap!

  1. benlanehodson

    It was a blast and so glad we got to be on some panels together. I wish I could have seen that Lego spaceman guy! Dang that’s awesome!


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