Managing Personal Worry

Worry can be particularly difficult to keep in balance when it regards other people.

Earlier this week, I started really worrying about someone. I don’t have any answers about what the person is facing. I’ve studied the problem a lot. I’ve importuned heaven. I’m comforted at times but ultimately answerless.

It was a perfect storm for a worrier. Excellent!! I could try my theory about how limiting worry instead of eliminating it might be most productive.

Setting a Worry Time Limit

I set a timer. Well, I was on a walk, so my timer was ‘from here to that tree way up there’. I let myself feel the full force of my fears about what the person must be experiencing. I didn’t cry but on another day I probably would have! I was worrying like a pro.

Sacrifice Mental Habits and Ruts

When I reached the tree, I sacrificed cycling through that emotion any further, which was really hard to do. I wanted to keep going even though it’s like climbing a staircase to nowhere. I’ve prayed and fasted for years about it. Heavenly Father has reasons for not answering or I’m spiritually hearing-impaired. Either way, I just don’t know what to do about the situation. I said a prayer to Heavenly Father that I believed he would help that person however they needed today. Then I turned it off.

It felt weird. It felt vacant. I didn’t like it! I felt cold and detached. But I stuck with it. It was an attempt to have faith that God would honor my request without me trying to force the issue.

Stick It Out

It’s a flavor of faith I’m not as comfortable with. But by the end of my walk those feelings had simmered. Interesting!

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What have your experiences been regarding worry for other people? By all means, share your comment.

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