My One Resolve for 2014: Congruency

Resolutions for 2014? I have but one. And just to be a diva I prefer to call it a resolve.

resolve to have greater congruency.

Living Life with Congruency! ~ That one on my neck is supposed to be over my congruent heart :).!

That one on my neck is supposed to be over my congruent heart :).

I’d like to officially be tired of the word resolution because it doesn’t serve me emotionally anymore (I hear it and think, oh those are those things I don’t keep!).

In my mind, a resolve I do keep. Tomaytoes, tomahtoes, maybe! But the word resolve just sounds less like a meeping intention and more of a well-thought-out and binding promise.

Also, to me a resolve is more carefully entered into because it means deciding once and not over and over again. It’s done and decided! As I define it, it’s more of a broad idea that can ricochet through many parts of one’s life as if traveling a Rube Goldberg machine.

Usually there’s some fundamental idea behind several things that need updating in one’s life. To that point, individual resolutions seem to throw me off balance and send me on a roller coaster of extremes and having compartmentalized goals makes no sense to me anymore.

Why I Chose Congruency

There’s a gap between what I believe and what I do on so many issues. I’m resolving to stop. In other words, if I believe in it, do it. If I don’t believe in it, don’t do it. Simple.

And terrifying. The implications of an idea can emotionally dwarf its conceptual simplicity, I’ve learned.

For example, I don’t believe refined sugar does anything beneficial for me. Simply, it’s not a treat, it’s poison. That’s what I believe if I’m honest with myself. Yet, I’m an enjoyer of life if not a sugar addict who wakes up wondering what sugar is in the house. So I’ve been at odds with myself.

In 2014, I’m giving up refined sugar for at least the year.

Another example. I simply don’t believe in having negative thoughts unless wailing and weeping to God in prayer form to let it all out (and letting it out is very important). Beyond that, I’m not ever letting myself have an episode of sadness or worry in 2014. I’m just not doing it this year. I mean, enough!!

A Preemptive Apology

This year I’m also writing a book about topics that can be emotionally charged. By being congruent, I will necessarily have to be opinionated about those. It’s terrifying, because I think differently than a lot of people on some of these subjects (being single, eating better, staying positive, somehow these realms manage to get messy).

Oh well! This is me hopefully having a more authentic (congruent) blog. I hope I don’t step on too many toes and apologize in advance if I do. I hope you’ll add your two cents to anything I write by leaving a comment!

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