Would You Want a Watch That Counts Down to Your Death Day?

I love finding interesting tech projects on Kickstarter. Today I came across one that for me skirts the macabre: the Tikker watch.

This contraption counts down your projected death day, based on metrics you input: medical history, age, habits like smoking or drinking, family history, and more.

Founder Rebecca DeRosa has already reached her $25,000 funding goal.  So, obviously, the idea has some traction…but would you want it?

tikker watch

Even if it was 100% accurate, I don’t think I would. I’m not someone with a very defined bucket list per se, so I don’t mind it being a surprise. For me, it’s as if knowing would distract from enjoying the day-to-day. It would make everything have a different, larger-than-life perspective. In a lot of situations, that kind of bird’s-eye-view is a good thing! But it yields a completely different experience to know something like that, and I guess I don’t want a completely different experience.

At any rate, it’s the kind of tech idea that makes you think.


4 thoughts on “Would You Want a Watch That Counts Down to Your Death Day?

  1. Ben Lane Hodson

    Did you see that movie In Time with Justin Timberlake a few years ago? It was a future society where everyone had a built-in life clock embedded in their arms and counted down their death date. This product actually reminds me of that old movie Logan’s Run. I’m with you. I don’t want to know. If and when it happens, it happens. No reason dwelling on it everyday with a wrist watch remind you.


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