Fight Ridiculous Deadlines with Some Ridiculousness of Your Own

Today was one of those when I woke up with my shoulders up to my ears from some kind of subconscious stress…

And my waking conscious mind tried to tell those shoulders to simmer down because come on, I only have to do A, B, C, D…oh dangit, and E, F…G, H, I, definitely J!!!–until I found myself facing a day of ridiculousness!

On my microwave sits a thrift storeIMG_7874 find, a block letter word that exceeds the width of said microwave, which I have even spray painted a stately red, but neither the scale nor the hue can make it seem relevant: ‘SIMPLIFY’.

I can’t just simplify, though. I have to do tasks A – J, TODAY.

And then it came to me: Fight ridiculousness with ridiculousness.

Of course. I’m not just going to do A through J. I’m also adding K, L, M, N, and O. So I now have Items A-0 to do, that’s 15 items. 10 hour work day. So…that’s what, 40 minutes each? And some of these to-do’s could foreseeably take a week all by themselves.

I’m giving them 40 minutes, apparently.

I’ll report on how this progresses because I know you’re on the edge of your seat–probably rolling your eyes on the edge of your seat as the train wreck unfolds before you.

But right now, you know why this feels awesome?

  • I’m taking control instead of it taking control of me
  • I’ve made a noble quest out of what was heretofore a hideous and weighty albatross of duty. At least now, it’s fun. No, actually, now it’s “fun”.
  • Just writing this made my shoulder to neck situation less turtle and more humanoid.

I do this when I clean my apartment, so why not my writing task list? “You have to clean this room in one Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song.” And if you saw how bad my crib can get, you’d know that’s ridiculous. But it works for me. Well, kindof.  🙂 RIDICULOUSNESS.

That might look really good over a microwave…

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