Mental Zing: What Makes a GOOD Writer

Just to tackle a mighty subject first thing today…what is the role of a writer, anyway?

I know the answer. It’s mental zing.

How do you know whether to admire her as a human being or not? How can you tell if his brainchild book was legit? (And what does ‘good’ mean anyway?)

Mental zing.

I realized this after a few recent discussions on the subject. I have decided a good writer is not necessarily one who “gets it right” according to our paradigm.

Not that such validation isn’t sometimes nice.

But it’s not zing. Validation wanes thin. Zing reverberates. Good writers are those that make you think more than the thoughts you were already thinking. Maybe because the thoughts are ‘right’. Or maybe because they were ‘wrong’…but compellingly. Grippingly. They caught your interest with strong or unusual ideas.

So while everyone has a personal interests and ways of ranking the good, gooder, or goodest writers, everyone seems to resonate with mental zing.

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