"Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it."

Mahatma Ghandi

Sabotage! 7 Ways to Deal with Writing Saboteurs

I don’t have any saboteurs of my writing at the moment–and it occurred to me, that’s just the time to write this post! Because I have had writing saboteurs in the past and human nature is what it is, I’m sure to have them in the future. I love this definition of sabotage by Merriam […]

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Using Pressure To One’s Advantage As a Writer

Since I’ve been fairly immersed in pressure this week, I focused on finding more ways to channel it. Here’s what I came up with. Financial Pressure – Rar! I had some writing and publishing expenses beyond my usual monthly investment. Unusual outlays of cash have always created dissonance for me as an artist, because I […]

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Writing and Creativity Podcasts to Love

These days I prefer listening to my reading, as opposed to absorbing books, news, and articles with my eyes. I discovered this while pursuing my initiative to sit less and move more. We’ve probably all heard by now that sitting all day is terrible for us, and as writers we tend to sit plenty! To fight […]

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Why Writing a Novel Feels Both Expansive and Claustrophobic

An interesting phenomenon takes place as you increase word count. Over the past year, I have been writing works of speculative fiction to several different lengths including short stories (under 7,000 words), serial episodes (about 10,000 words), novellas (about 30,000 words), and novels (70,000+ words). A Novel’s Unique Spatial Paradox I’ve found that with novels, […]

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Leveraging Writing Conferences

As a writer, I’ve learned to love the conference scene. Actually, I’m completely drained by large social gatherings–evidence that I am a legitimate introvert. But here’s why I have evolved to deem conferences worthy of the energy expenditure! This list is in context of a few highlights from Life, the Universe, and Everything 2015 (LTUE), […]

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4 Resolves Inspired by Ray Bradbury

Last year I took on an overarching theme as my resolve for my personal and writing life: to become more congruent. I had never gone this route of approaching my goals thematically more than specifically and loved doing it. For now, my thematic goal is…CONTENTMENT. I want to be more content both personally and as a writer, […]

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I used to be addicted to overcoming things. Now, my goal is to get out of my own way.

Shirley Maclaine

The Productive Author App of the Week: iWriter Pro

iWriter is an app for Mac and iOS with a few interesting spins on the simple text editor approach to writing and drafting. Created by iA, iWriter offers a quick way to highlight all instances of a certain part of speech, which can be a great way to amp up less-effective verbs or cut way back on adverbs, […]

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The Productive Author App of the Week: Writer’s Studio

This week’s app of the week is Writer’s Studio by miSoft Studios. This fun tool allows writers and authors to create personal interactive stories on an iOS mobile device by adding animation, music, narration, and other visual elements. While you cannot use this to create rich media stories for sale, but you can use this to […]

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The Productive Author App of the Week: Ulysses for Mac

The Ulysses App for Mac desktop is a text editor and writing tool for many kinds of writers, from students to fiction authors. Created by a group called The Soulmen GbR, this app is currently listed as the Ulysses III…and it is cool! To create with this tool, a writer simply types content in the editor […]

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The Productive Author App of the Week: Ommwriter

For those wanting a more immersive experience than the typical word processor supplies, take a look at a fresh interface: Ommwriter. The official name of this tool is the Ommwriter Dāna (Dāna being a Sanskrit and Pali word with a timely meaning for celebrators of Thanksgiving: ‘Giving’). This app has interesting beginnings, as it was originally an […]

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The Productive Author Writing App of the Week: FocusWriter

Distraction is the bane of any productive writer, particularly all you NaNoWriMo’s out there. You can find a slew of distraction-free writing apps, so it makes sense to start with a free one. FocusWriter stands out because it works on a variety of desktops (Windows, Mac, and Linux). It’s also pretty. You can choose among a […]

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