"If you're a writer who only loves 'having written', it's probably less about discipline and more about tools and methods!"

Cindy Grigg - Author, Podcaster, & Thought Leader at TheProductiveAuthor.com

Sabotage! 7 Ways to Deal with Writing Saboteurs

I don’t have any saboteurs of my writing at the moment–and it occurred to me, that’s just the time to write this post! Because I have had writing saboteurs in the past and human nature is what it is, I’m sure to have them in the future. I love this definition of sabotage by Merriam […]

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Using Pressure To One’s Advantage As a Writer

Since I’ve been fairly immersed in pressure this week, I focused on finding more ways to channel it. Here’s what I came up with. Financial Pressure – Rar! I had some writing and publishing expenses beyond my usual monthly investment. Unusual outlays of cash have always created dissonance for me as an artist, because I […]

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Daring to Be Uncomfortable As a Writer

Last night I was at a singles event where a relationship expert presented techniques on how to flirt. And then we were turned loose to flirt. – All introverts just shrieked in horror. – I know because I pick up the introvert frequency. While I’ve trained myself to be a fairly outgoing person, I had […]

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Is Writing Fiction An Impossible Dream?

Yesterday I heard “The Impossible Dream” on the radio and it completely changed my day and mood. This ballad sung by Don Quixote in the play Man of La Mancha is pretty much the lyrical equivalent of a motivational poster, so it is a guilty pleasure of the overly-noble, heavy-handed, cheesy variety. Perfect. Basically, whether it’s writing fiction […]

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Increasing Writerly Decisiveness

So much of the time, we wring our hands that we don’t know what to do about our problems, writing problems included. But fascinatingly, we do know what to do in many cases. We just don’t like the answers! I’m sometimes guilty of this. Maybe my options are not tidy or clear-cut, which makes me […]

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Adventures in Extreme Novel Outlining

I began writing fiction as an interior decorator of rooms that were ill-designed. “Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.” – Ernest Hemingway Specifically, my early stories feature quirks and atmosphere but lack something in orchestration and plot. In other words, I began this adventure as a die-hard pantser who resisted outlining and structuring. Over the past […]

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"Luck is the residue of design."

John Milton

The Productive Author App of the Week: iWriter Pro

iWriter is an app for Mac and iOS with a few interesting spins on the simple text editor approach to writing and drafting. Created by iA, iWriter offers a quick way to highlight all instances of a certain part of speech, which can be a great way to amp up less-effective verbs or cut way back on adverbs, […]

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The Productive Author App of the Week: Writer’s Studio

This week’s app of the week is Writer’s Studio by miSoft Studios. This fun tool allows writers and authors to create personal interactive stories on an iOS mobile device by adding animation, music, narration, and other visual elements. While you cannot use this to create rich media stories for sale, but you can use this to […]

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The Productive Author App of the Week: Ulysses for Mac

The Ulysses App for Mac desktop is a text editor and writing tool for many kinds of writers, from students to fiction authors. Created by a group called The Soulmen GbR, this app is currently listed as the Ulysses III…and it is cool! To create with this tool, a writer simply types content in the editor […]

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The Productive Author App of the Week: Ommwriter

For those wanting a more immersive experience than the typical word processor supplies, take a look at a fresh interface: Ommwriter. The official name of this tool is the Ommwriter Dāna (Dāna being a Sanskrit and Pali word with a timely meaning for celebrators of Thanksgiving: ‘Giving’). This app has interesting beginnings, as it was originally an […]

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The Productive Author Writing App of the Week: FocusWriter

Distraction is the bane of any productive writer, particularly all you NaNoWriMo’s out there. You can find a slew of distraction-free writing apps, so it makes sense to start with a free one. FocusWriter stands out because it works on a variety of desktops (Windows, Mac, and Linux). It’s also pretty. You can choose among a […]

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